Des Moines Tattoo Artist

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The Leading Tattoo Artist in Des Moines, Iowa

Looking for the best tattoo artist in Des Moines, Iowa, but don't know where to start? You've come to the right place. With tattoos growing more popular and more widely accepted, many people are beginning to consider getting tattoos of their own. However, without a tattoo artist, this process simply can not start. Yet many people are oftentimes full of questions about how these specialist artists transform needles and inks into the impressive works of body art that wow people with some regularity. The process is somewhat varied from tattoo to tattoo, though some elements of the tattooing process do remain the same no matter what work gets done, be it a simple or incredibly elaborate tattoo.

Most tattoo artists in Des Moines, IA will generally begin their process by ensuring that their client is sober and old enough to consent to having the ink put on their skin. Artists who tattoo people who are intoxicated or underage can and often do face painful lawsuits that can destroy their businesses, so most reputable tattoo parlors do this practically on instinct. Just see how this particular tattoo artist in Des Moines, IA follows the standard practices to ensure that everyone who comes into the shop is qualified to do so according to the law. This particular tattoo artist also happens to be the best in Des Moines.

Especially in Des Moines, Iowa, the first step after ensuring the client is sober enough to consent to the work is generally a planning procedure. Typically, tattoo artists have a wide range of pre-made designs for their ink body art that they showcase across their parlors for clients to see and choose from. Oftentimes, these designs can be customized. View some examples of the best tattoos in Des Moines, IA to see what I'm talking about. It should be noted, however, that may of these artists do take requests for tattoos ranging form the simple to the elaborate. Sometimes these designs are uncomplicated, while others transform the body into a canvas. Having a drawing or photograph on hand to give the artist a reasonably clear idea of what kind of tattoo a client wants is a typical way to handle this, though such custom work generally costs more.

Des Moines, Iowa

Once the design of the tattoo has been decided on (which may require the Des Moines, Iowa tattoo artist to draw on a non-flesh canvas to get an idea of what design is going on to the skin), the artist then gets to work. Tattoos these days are generally accomplished via advanced needles that cause little real pain. Still, many clients are on edge about needles in general, so most tattoo artists have learned how to put clients at ease, whether it's not showing them the needle or putting up a curtain to ensure their privacy. These advanced needles can inject a wide variety of inks into the skin, whether it's a deep dark shade or a lighter shade. This is how the volume of realistic tattoo images are accomplished, as well as offering clients a range of colors to choose from for their body art.

When the work is done, there's a good bit of aftercare to accomplish. Oftentimes, the Des Moines, Iowa tattoo artist will advise the client to use topical antibiotics to ensure that the damage from the pierced skin, though usually not incredibly painful, does not become infected. Additionally, tattoos are generally bandaged with gauze or plastic and the artist will tell their clients how long to keep that material covering the tattoo.